pieter vonk contemporary artist

As a little boy I spent hours drawing all Disney characters. But it was never a done deal that I was going to be a professional artist. It was a journey of trial and error and learning by experience.
I do best if I learn things my own way, in my own pace and that’s how I taught myself all kinds of techniques along the way.

Drawing and painting was my main activity, but I was also looking for new ways to express myself. At one point I came across digital art and right away, I was impressed with the infinite possibilities. It gave me endless more ways to express myself. By combining it with the traditional techniques, I create the most stunning pieces.

I always use the impressions of my travels in my work. The experience inspires me to create something new. While travelling through India I realised that personal contact sometimes is the key to the best pieces of art. Other people’s stories give me new ideas and inspiration. In my collection you will find fully digital art and mixed media pieces. They are all unique. See something you like? Please let me know so we can make an appointment.